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Hamburg, Germany
Academy of Galan
Cooperation in the artistic European project: ‚Operation: leftovers to value’

Call for taking part

Since the summer of 2005 the Academy of Galan in France has been planning together with Prof. Rolf Thiele, from the University of Arts Bremen and the artist group GUD, Hamburg, a European project in the field of fine arts and intercultural communication.

This project will apply for financial support from the European Union in autumn 2006 and is intended for realization in the period of 2007/2008.

Up to now the general idea of this work-in-process- project contains roughly the following three phases:

Phase 1
Artists/artist groups from the participating European countries will take over the role of agents. They will set out to reach an unknown location in another foreign European country.

In these selected places, preferably situated in the countryside, the artist should carry out artistic activities (operation/event) together with the local people of the area.

Each operation will result in leftovers to value/products, which have to be transported by the artists to a central lab.

Phase 2
In this place the unified ,leftovers' will operate in a so-called cultural transformation process (change in values) approximately over the period of one year. The transformation process aims to produce a higher valued ,community resource'.

Phase 3
After one year shares of this ,community resource' will be handed out in a public event to the corresponding European artist agents. Each will appropriate his share (= a piece of open (re)-source) and bring it back to their own country in order to handle it in an autonomous artistic way (follow-up projects).

As many countries as possible should be involved in this art operation, especially in the EU and in the newcomer states from the East. Most important to this project is the direct and active involvement of the local people. The operation will not only be participated in and communicated in real time but will also be virtually documented.

In order to get this project rolling, other cooperation partnerships are needed, such as private or public cultural institutions, universities of art and media, museums, curators and other cultural networks.

In which way can you take part in this project?
1. as an official co-organizer of the EU-project. That means committed financial support and involvement in the concept.
2. as a project partner, who participates in the activities and possibly contributes a small budget, payment in kind, or brings other resources to the project.

Rok prijave: 31/03/06

Academy of Galan
Gudrun Löbig
tel: +49 173 4588 180



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