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Valencia, Spain
June 17th - 24th 2006

Institut Valencia de la Cinematografia Ricardo Munoz Suay (IVAC)
The 21st Cinema Jove International Film Festival

The Festival is open to any young film-director born after January, 1st 1971. (pdf)

There are two categories:
- Feature Films
- Short Films


a) Entries must be shot in 16 or 35mm. Films recorded on professional video support which have later been transferred to 16 or 35mm cinematographic format will also be allowed. In the case of feature films shot in professional video, and provided that a 16 or 35 mm print does not exist, the Festival will consider the possibility of screening them in this format.

b) Each entrant may submit a maximum of two entries.

c) Entries must be in the original version. They must be accompanied by a dossier containing the original text and lines along with a translation in Spanish or English.

d) Films must have been produced after January, 1st 2005 (in exceptional cases only, the Selection Committee reserves the right to include a film produced before this date),must not have been entered in previous editions of the Festival, and must not have had a commercial première in Spain.

e) Short films will not exceed a maximum running time of 35 minutes. f) Any film not presenting sufficient technical qualities for a correct public screening will be refused.


a) The Selection Committee, appointed for this purpose, will select from the entries submitted to the Festival the films that will be shown from June, 17th to 24th 2006, during Cinema Jove.

b) Films selected will be screened a maximum of three times.

c) Filmmakers whose films are not selected will be informed of the results of the selection before the beginning of the Festival.


a) The Director of the Festival will appoint the members of the Selection Committee, selected among specialists linked to the Festival, as well as the members of the Juries for the two competing categories:
feature and short films.
-The Feature Category Jury will be composed of five members, representing the international film field. A maximum of two members will be of Spanish nationality.
-The Short Category Jury will be composed of three members, representing the international film field. A maximum of one member will be of Spanish nationality.

b) The Selection Committee and Jury decisions will be final.


6.1.Films selected for the Official Competition will be eligible for the following awards:

LUNA DE VALENCIA to the Best Feature...............18.000 Euros

LUNA DE VALENCIA DE ORO.................................6.000 Euros
LUNA DE VALENCIA DE PLATA.............................3.000 Euros
LUNA DE VALENCIA DE BRONCE..........................1.800 Euros
Juries can give any mention under their consideration.

Production and distribution companies of the prize-winners of the Luna de Valencia commit to using the Festival’s logo for the subsequent promotion and publicity of the films.

6.2.Other awards:

TECHNICOLOR AWARD to the best Spanish short film, consisting of 1.500 Euros for the development of a short film produced by the award-winning producer, and the subtitling of a print.

PECERA ESTUDIO AWARD to the Spanish short film with the best sound track, consisting of 2.404 Euros for the audio post production of the winner’s next project, with a maximum running time of 30 minutes.

CANAL + INTERNATIONAL AWARDto the best short film, consisting of the purchase of broadcasting rights in Europe.

Deadline: 15/04/06 - registration

C/ La Safor 10. Despacho 5
46015 Valencia
tel: (34) 963311047/(34) 963310592
fax: (34) 963310805



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