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Production competition open to artistic projects

Artists who wish to participate in this
competition should send their application to AVAM
CRAC (C/ Pelayo, 62, 28004 Madrid) with a copy of
all requirements by E-mail to

AVAM (Associated Visual Artists of Madrid) is
organising a competition to select artistic
projects for MADRID PROCESOS 06. This competition
forms part of the activities run by CRAC,
Co-ordination of Resources for Contemporary Art,
which is an initiative promoted by AVAM that
seeks to dynamise the artistic network by
focusing on improving production conditions.

The objective of the MADRID PROCESOS project is
to support and co-ordinate production processes,
facilitating residence, exchange, training and
access to resources for contemporary art. To
achieve this, an international competition is
being launched in order to select projects that
will be developed in the second half of 2006.


1.- Participants:

Artists of any nationality and any age may
present projects as individuals or groups. At
least 50% of the selected artists will be persons
from Madrid, either born there or resident in the Community of Madrid in 2006.

2.- Projects:

Projects will be focused on the production phase
of the work, and will be organised using the
resources available in the Community of Madrid.
The different stages of this process will be
displayed at MADRID PROCESOS 06 (see point 6).
With regard to the projects, consideration will
be given to the investigational aspect of the
production process and projects that strengthen
collaboration between cultural agents and
institutions in the Community of Madrid.

Projects shall be new productions (that have never been staged before).

Eight artistic projects will be selected and included in MADRID PROCESOS 06.

In the event that projects do not comply with
requirements, the jury may declare the competition void in full or part.

3.- Awards:

Each project shall be awarded the sum of 9,000 €
(subject to fiscal deductions in force). This
amount shall be allocated as follows:

6,000 €: maximum amount allocated to project
production, including materials, travel and lodging expenses, insurance, etc.

3,000 €: allocated to production fees and copyright.

4. Selection of projects:

Artists who wish to participate in this
competition should send their application to AVAM
CRAC (C/ Pelayo, 62, 28004 Madrid) with a copy of
all requirements by E-mail to
The application shall include the following documents:

- Report of the project to be developed, including:
- Summary or description of the object of the
investigation, maximum 5000 characters.
- Maximum six sketches or images of the project
in jpg format, with a resolution of 72 ppp.
- Technical requirements.
- Technical details to demonstrate project viability.
- List of other needs.
- Estimated budget, with break-down, and details
of concepts that could be covered by own financing.
- Project schedule. Production must be completed
within a maximum period of 6 months after the
competition has been adjudicated.
- Brief dossier with previous work. All work
presented must include full technical details.
-Curriculum, maximum 4000 characters
- Photocopy of Spanish Identity Card (or
equivalent document) of the project author(s).
- Artists who are resident in the Community of
Madrid must provide documentary proof of the same.

5. Project selection jury:

In order to guarantee transparency in all project
phases, the AVAM Board will select an external
jury to adjudicate the projects to be developed at MADRID PROCESOS 06.

6- Diffusion of projects:

AVAM CRAC undertakes to promote the diffusion of
all work processes and of the final work with the
mutual agreement of the corresponding author(s),
in such a way that it deems opportune in order to
achieve maximum diffusion of the project.

The artists shall undertake to facilitate all
information and documentation necessary in order
ensure correct communication and public
awareness. The artists shall transfer
reproduction and public communication rights for
the work and related documentation for one year
from the project adjudication date. Transfer of
rights shall apply at a national and international level.

The authors of the selected projects undertake to
authorise the reproduction and distribution of
material created in the projects in all
activities organised in order to diffuse the
MADRID PROCESOS 06 programme. All such documents
shall be filed at the AVAM documentation centre.
The projects and selected works shall be owned by
the authors and transfer of copyrights does not
imply that the authors cannot exercise such
rights simultaneously with project execution.

AVAM shall enter into a contract with each author
to specify contractual services and terms.

7- Deadline:

Documents must be presented by 9 May 2006

8.- Performance:

All work shall be co-ordinated and supervised by
the AVAM CRAC technical team, which shall be in
charge of evaluating project development.

If it is deemed that the work is not being
effected under the terms and within the deadlines
laid down in the rules, the monetary award shall
be automatically withdrawn, with a prior report
presented by the AVAM technical team.

9- Acceptance of rules and the jury’s decision.

Participation in this competition implies
agreement with the rules and the jury’s decision,
and with any changes that may subsequently occur
as a consequence of factors beyond AVAM CRAC’s control.



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