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Intro Out
Open Invitation
Due Date for Submitting Participation: 12May'06

In few days' time, the second festival of digital
art opens up its gates and welcomes once again
the artists of information community.

Modern forms of expression use technology
mechanisms for creating a work of art. Without
doubt, the means of producing, reproducing and
distributing an artistic experience alter the
relationship of the artist with the subject matter and its viewer.

We invite modern artists to stand up to this
change and propose new expression strategies by the use of new media.

How is artistic experience, which is promoted by
new mass media, shaped today? How do new mass
media assist artists in acquiring a different
relationship with the viewer and how is this new
relationship defined? Could we be talking about
the generation of other aesthetic values?

The Festival will comprise the following subject categories:
* Animation
* Digital Installations
* Digital Music
* Experimental
* Interactive Works
* Performance
* Short-playing fiction movies
* Video art

Artists can participate with one work in each
category. The length of each work should not
exceed 15 minutes. The "Wood Factory" (the place
where the festival will take place) provides all
necessary space and equipment for exhibiting the
works. Concerning installations and performances,
all proposals will be carefully examined so that they are best realized.

Furthermore, an audience vote for the best work
in each subject category will be held. Nominated
works will have an honourable screening in the last day of the Festival.

How to participate

Download the fill-in form for taking part in Intro Out'06:

http://www. intro_out.html

Please print and fill in the form (.pdf or .doc).
Mail it together with all necessary proofs to the address:

20 Valaoritou (office 51)
54625 Thessaloniki

For more information you can get in contact with us by emailing to:
by phone: ++30 6977 835 422
or: http://www.
intro_out.html ,



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