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Residency program for artists at the Quinta Pitanga estate on the Island of Itaparica in the Bay of All Saints

The Sacatar Foundation sponsors residencies for highly-qualified individuals in all creative pursuits.

The Instituto Sacatar provides unstructured time and space for creative individuals to develop new work. Specifically, a Fellowship to Sacatar provides:
• Roundtrip airfare between the artist's closest regional airport and Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
• A private bedroom with attached bath
• A separate studio
• All meals (except on Saturday night, all day Sunday and holidays)

The Fellowships does not include a stipend; artists are responsible for incidental expenses and all working materials. Once on the island, artists are responsible for their local transportation, although we meet artists upon arrival at the airport to take them the first time to our island estate.

In addition, the Residency Manager will assist artists who wish to show their work or share their skills while in Bahia, helping artists make the necessary local contacts to achieve these goals. We can arrange for theaters, exhibition spaces, classrooms, etc., both on the island and in Salvador, and we will help find collaborators, musicians, students, actors and other volunteers to realize project proposals.

We are in a somewhat primitive location and encourage artists to work primitively - that is, simply and directly with few complex tools, materials or technologies. We have no specific facilities or equipment for dance, theater, photography, music, video or film. Sacatar has no computer or printer available for use by the Fellows, although our library has broadband internet connections for personal laptop computers. Our woodworking shop has a circular saw, a planer and common hand tools that the Fellows can use.

Residencies last from six to twelve weeks, with most scheduled for eight weeks. On occasion, the Instituto Sacatar hosts Special Projects, which may be of shorter duration. These are group projects with a specific focus and purpose, originated by the Instituto or proposed by others. Sacatar always closes for at least two months starting the week before Carnaval, which usually falls in February.

Deadline: 10/04/06

USA - Sacatar Foundation
P.O. Box 2612
CA 91102-2612 Pasadena
tel: 55 71 631 1834 (Brasil)
fax: 55 71 631 2069 (Brasil)



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