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Ljubljana, Slovenija
Datum dogodka: 2006

Memefest, International festival of radical communication

Call for undergraduate and graduate students, artist, activist, malcontent or media manipulator

For the fifth year now, the organizers of Memefest, a "festival of radical communication," are encouraging students, professionals, artists and activists alike to contribute their talents to our collective counter-culture.

emefest departs from the principle that there is too much talent and knowledge being wasted in marketing communication, and other "mind-altering" media practices that spread negative infectious ideas. However, it believes that there is hope. Together, we can explore how ideas are and can be created and spread, replicating themselves in a manner akin to viruses. These disseminated ideas are called memes . The goal that Memefest sets out for its participants is to generate and replicate more positive and beneficial ones.

The regular competition has three main divisions: Communications Studies, Sociology and Visual Arts. It's open to undergraduate and graduate students.

The main festival competition is open to both full and part-time graduate and post-graduate students, regardless of age. Winners of awards will have to provide proof of enrollment. Note that participation in the Beyond... category is unrestricted.

Each student can register multiple works in a particular category. However, each work requires the submission of a separate registration form.

Each work can compete in only one competition field. Exception is the special category "Beyond...". Works can be registered in the regular competition as well as in "Beyond...", if they match all criteria. Festival can make pre-selections of works to assure that submitted works match all Competition criteria before the evaluation process starts.

A single work can be registered by a group or collective. However, at least two thirds of a group must have student status. Names of all authors should be clearly indicated.

All international submissions have to be in English. However, students from Slovenia can hand in their works (essays and opinion pieces) in Slovenian with an English summary and keywords.

Previously published works may be submitted. Also, previously submitted academic work may be entered as long as it suits the competition's themes.

Works that do not comply with the minimum standards of format and content will not be eligible for awards.

Works have to be registered by the deadline.

Anonimuous works will not be taken into consideration.

Persons actively involved in MEMEFEST are not allowed to participate in the competition.

Persons younger then 18 years of age may not participate in the competition but may have their works exhibited.

Memefest will not use works sent in by the participants for commercial purposes.

Rok prijave: 20/05/06

Memefest, Fakulteta za dru┼żbene vede
Oliver Vodeb
Slovenska cesta 55b
1000 Ljubljana
tel: + 386 (0) 41 953 695
fax: + 386 (0) 5805-101



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